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Hotel Marie

Hotel Marie is a small and authentic seaside hotel, close to the beach and sea, Skagen's cozy pedestrian street with exciting specialty shops and the iconic and vibrant marina, as well as culture and sights.


Hotel Marie

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Hotel Marie is a small and authentic seaside hotel, in the middle of the charming harbour town of Skagen. 

Here you are close to the beach and sea, the town's cozy pedestrian street with exciting specialty shops and the iconic and vibrant marina, as well as culture and sights. 

Hotel Marie consists of a charming, older house from the first half of 1900 and a modern part built in 2018/2019 – all in the special and atmospheric building style with yellow facades and red tiled roofs that Skagen is known for.


All rooms and apartments are also either newly renovated or newly built and decorated in a classic and atmospheric style.

And then it is worth mentioning that Hotel Marie is equipped with elevators and that some rooms are specially designed for the disabled

Idyll in Skagen

A part of a family

Hotel i Skagen


 In 2013, the Damgaard family opened from Skanderborg Hotel Marie and ran the seaside hotel until 2017, when the skawbo Jens Winter Pedersen took over the buildings.

In 2018/2019, he built the new part with hotel rooms and apartments.Jens Winter Pedersen is a former fishing skipper. In 2016, he sold the ship and went ashore. Today, Jens Winter Pedersen is passionate about developing Skagen – among other things with the investment in Hotel Marie.

Hotel Marie is managed on a daily basis by Hotel Manager Joan Sørensen, who has a wide

Experience from the hotel and restaurant industry both at sea and on land, including DFDS Seaways, Royal Caribbean. The last many years have taken place in Hulsig and Skagen at Hjorths & Kokholms Hotel and Hotel Plesner, respectively.


PAKHUSET Skagen is a historic, atmospheric and informal restaurant with an eminent location in the middle of the quay at Skagen marina.  At PAKHUSET Skagen, they do not compromise on quality, which is why they are based on freshly caught and local fish caught in the sea off Skagens.Not a big fish eater? Then you will also find a delicious selection of meat and vegetarian dishes on the menu.  On the 1st floor is Restaurant HÅKON, which is PAKHUSET's little exclusive gem.Here there is room 

Here there is room for peace and contemplation when the focus is on the guest and the story of the local ingredients.
With one of the city's largest and most extensive wine lists, HÅKON is the place for you who want to be pampered with an unforgettable and unique gourmet experience. Throughout the summer, PAKHUSET also hosts a wide range of events as well as FREE music events, where we offer dancing and high spirits for the adult audience.

PAKHUSET and Hotel Marie have the same owner, and you can therefore expect the same high standard at PAKHUSET as you will find at Hotel Marie. PAKHUSET is today run by Sebastian and Sylvester (the owner's sons) and is one of Skagen's best restaurants

At PAKHUSET, it is also possible to enter in a wheelchair, as the entire ground floor is designed for the disabled.


In the heart of Skagen

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